• What about it?

    You have 5 bodies. They all need to be healthy.






    Who is in charge of keeping them all harmoniously healthy?

    How have you been educated and empowered to ongoingly navigate to health in your 5 Bodies?

    The tools, processes, distinctions, and thoughtware on this website may help you create more 5-body health for you and your loved ones.

  • Inner & Outer Health

    Medical Doctors can help you heal your Physical Body.


    Psychologists and Psychotherapists can help you heal your mind, your thinking, your self-image, your Intellectual Body.


    Energy Workers, Chakra and Auric specialists can help you heal your Energetic Body.


    But who can help you heal your Emotional Body? Your heart with its ocean of Feelings and Emotions (which are VERY different from each other and require VERY different healing)...

    Your Emptional Body needs clarity and possibility to shift into new states of health and well being also! Which profession can help you learn Inner Navigating and Inner Permaculture? The answer is the Feelings Practitioners! Fortunately now there are trained Feelings Practitioners! Your ailment may be healed in your physical, intellectual, and energetic body, but it may require healing in your emotional body to fully come back into balance and health!


    And... perhaps the most provocative and inspiring body of all, your 5th body, your Archetypal Body... Who is to bring you along the initiatory path over which your Archetypal Body emerges into the practical world and becomes vibrantly and effectively healthy? Modern culture teaches us nearly nothing about this.

    Yet the ancient proverbial instructions: "Heal thyself!" still apply.


    No matter what you imagine, there is no such thing as a final state of 'being healed', and no such thing as a 'perfect state of health'.


    This website provides distinctions, experiments, and practices that - if you engage them in reality, not just think about engaging them - will enable you to take more effective responsibility for your own life's path of health and healing.


    Yes. This is High Level Fun!

  • Our Bounty Is Your Bounty

    This is a treasure which grows by giving it away.

    We are trying to give it away as fast as possible.

    Can you help us?

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  • Physical Body

  • Intellectual Body



    Competion Loops

  • Emotional Body

    4 Feelings

    4 Emotions

    Numbness Bar

    Rage Club

  • Energetic Body

    Your Bubble of Space

    Center and Grounding Cord


    13 Tools

    7 Core Skills

  • Archetypal Body



    Life of Practice

    Archetypyl Lineage
















  • Flying Lessons

    Getting it all together...

    High Level Fun

    Navigating Space

    Great Labyrinth of Spaces